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Neck Pain :

Neck pain is a common debilitating problem almost everyone experiences in their life time, varying from a "Simple catch in the neck" to a chronic problem that leads to a "Altered life style and work".

Recent studies concluded that neck pain is an ongoing episodic problem due to multiple human inflicted contributing factors, along with the occurrences of injuries and accidents.

How you see the neck pain vs how a clinician sees it.
Typical patient presentation with neck pain :

I am Mr./Ms. X, woke up with pain in my neck or involved in a slip and fall/motor vehicle accident/work injury, developed severe pain in my neck. All or certain neck movements aggravates my pain. Some occasions or all the time causing severe headaches, and if I continue to do my day to day activities or work, pain is traveling down to mid back and sometimes into my arms, forearms and hands. It seems this time my neck pain is much severe than previous times.

How clinicians see your neck pain:
It is simpler to explain in a Three Circle Theory.

Very important to understand that the longer you resist not to accept what is the real cause of neck pain, you recruit more and more factors as I indicated above. Your neck pain is **time sensitive** with enough time you could be affected by one circle or all three circles.

Our goal is to identify specific issues causing, contributing and driving your neck pain on an ongoing basis and provide you with customized treatment to bring you out of the issue of neck pain.

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