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Welcome to Hinton Physical Therapy

Welcome to Physio's Group, your body's home for comfort rehabilitation and healing. Hinton Physical Therapy has been providing safe and effective physiotherapy services to those in need, serving the Whitecourt,Fox Creek, Hinton, Edson, Grande Prairie and the surrounding communities. Through the study and application of recorded medical procedures, including the latest, most up to date advancements and techniques in physiotherapy, Hinton Physical Therapy continues to be a wellspring of hope for those making their way back from serious injury or major surgery.

It's important to know that you are not alone in your journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The caring and attentive staff at Hinton Physical Therapy walks you through every step of your rehabilitation, understanding your concerns and satisfying your health needs. Partake of the wellspring. The healing of Hinton Physical Therapy awaits you.